6 Reasons Your School Staff Needs Customer Service Training

Here at School Webmasters, we believe that good customer service is an essential part of effective school communications. One doesn’t happen without the other. One major challenge every school office faces is the expectation to provide a variety of services to many different people. If you think your school staff doesn't need customer service training, this course is for you!
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Course curriculum

  • 1

    6 Reasons Your School Staff Needs Customer Service Training

    • Before we begin...
    • Pre-Assessment
    • Introduction: Why does my school staff need customer service training?
    • Reason # 1: Culture
    • Reason # 2: Connection
    • Reason # 3: Common Goals
    • Reason # 4: Communication Skills
    • Charisma University: How to Be Charming Without Trying
    • Reason # 5: Cost
    • Reason # 6: Competition
    • Conclusion: Create a Success-Promoting Culture
    • Post-Assessment
    • Personal Action Plan Template

What to Expect

In eight segments, we'll explain why your school staff needs customer service training. By the end of this course, you will:

  • Assess where your school stands

  • Understand the valuable role customer service plays in administrating the day-to-day activities of your school

  • Make a plan for improving your school's customer service

Meet Your Instructors

Bonnie Leedy


Bonnie Leedy

Bonnie Leedy is the CEO of School Webmasters. Before founding School Webmasters in 2003, Bonnie worked as a public relations director in the corporate world. She brings 27 years of writing and communications expertise to the role. Her experience provides School Webmasters with the ability to help schools and organizations create effective websites. Bonnie and her staff turn websites into centers for effective communications, marketing, and public relations. School Webmasters also provides valuable recommendations to schools regarding site content, architecture, SEO, social media, and best practices in website management and strategy.
Judy Bittner

Senior Customer Service Instructor

Judy Bittner

Judy is a graduate of Brigham Young University. There she earned a Bachelor of Science in communicative disorders from the school of education. She continued post-graduate education at the University of Texas.

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