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At School Webmasters, we've spent over 15 years helping schools develop and manage websites, engage on social media, improve public relations, and market their school. We've acquired a lot of knowledge, experience, and tips and tricks along the way. Now we're sharing our secrets with you! 

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Social4Schools Academy

Social Media 101

Learn to manage your school social media platforms effectively—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. This course curriculum is a culmination of years of experience with actual page management by real-life, professional social media managers. Now, we’re sharing all of our know-how and trade secrets with you!
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Social4Schools Academy | Social Media 101 with Anna Nolan and Heidi James

Improving Your School Communications Can...

  • Increase Enrollment

    In addition to marketing your schools, making improvements to customer service, your school website, social media, and public relations can help you enroll and retain students.

  • Energize Engagement

    Students, parents, and your school community need to be engaged. Meaningful and fun engagement comes from great communication and affects your stakeholders' loyalty and investment in your school.

  • Improve Reputation

    Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing/PR tools that can work for or against your school. Focusing on excellent communication can improve your school's reputation.

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